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AVM Solutions

Well, professionally I have completed my B. Tech in software engineering. But for the past 5 years, I have been earning money online by understanding the art and science of online Marketing. I started my online career as a full-time web developer and use to be very active on freelancing websites.

I won’t lie to you – ‘ I AM NOT THE BEST WEB DESIGNER’ at least in my view, I have met far more talented web designers than me.

But I was still able to please my clients we stunning websites. later I trained myself into a landing page designer as well and got clients who hired me to make landing pages to market their product and service more effectively.

For doing it for almost half a decade I had to make lots of websites and Landing pages, Client often asked me to write copy as well so I needed to master the art of written persuasion on a web page, I have personally made well over 50+ landing pages for myself so I know what it takes to make a good one.

But then I met with Imroz Hassan (marketing expert)

and everything changed

We together founded AVM

Development Team

here is one such example of how we get these numbers from our online marketing Efforts

First we implemented and tested these marketing method and then we started to help other businesses as well

We started to implement this on businesses one after another to test and prove that this process works.

and this is where we generated well Over 10cr in revenue

Fast forward to today, 

Now we are ready to help businesses all around the globe.

And if you are reading till here 

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Revenue Generated


Our results speaks loudest. ₹6.8Cr reported revenue generated for clients and still counting...

Platform Size


More than 11K new customers added through our diverse platforms.

Our Reach


We are global with our clients from all major countries across the globe

Projects Completed


Our beautiful team helped more than 200 clients reach their goals


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The truth is, I am Ashamed, I saw people are selling this service for 499rs and more and business owners like you should get this for free.
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Great question. I would keep this really short if you feel your time is wasted in this call you can give us a bad review on our Facebook page.

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someone already booked one of our available time slots.

so stop procrastinating and take action.

see you soon 

Gautam Singh Rathore

" Since we partnered with AVM, our sales figure increased by 43%. They are 100% determined and committed for results."
- Laiela Masacra
"Very knowledgeable team who has been doing things differently in the SEO world for years. Highly recommend AVM and their team for any SEO needs."
- Venkatesh Raman
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